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The land that is now Will County was once covered primarily by prairie.   It was the crossroads of the river routes and the land trails of the Potawatomi, who farmed, trapped, and traversed the area.  

Today the Des Plaines, Illinois, and Kankakee Rivers remain the same river trails that they were hundreds of years ago.  "Settlers" in modern day Will County, however, now find themselves at the crossroads of a different set of land "trails" -- Interstates I-55, I-57, and I-80.

Whether you seek historical information that traces as far back as the land trails of the Potawatomi, or is as recent as the newest land trail - the I-355 extension - you've stopped at the right web site on the Internet!

The Will County Historical Society welcomes you: We are the storyteller of the history of Will County - one of America's fastest growing counties.